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Originally Posted by INEEDMILK View Post
I saw the Buds ad last week. Not sure though.

Someone should call them up and ask the first 3 letters of the serial number so we can figure out if these have been sitting in a back room for 2 years.
I called Buds tonight and spoke with a manager. He refused to provide me the first three letters of the serial number and said it was a weird request for people to want to know the serial number and that concerned him. I told him I wanted just the first three to date the pistol, not the entire serial number. I said I wanted an old stock one, not a new production.

I finally got an answer out of him and he said the first letter started with an "A" and that he wasn't even comfortable providing that. I told him I would refuse to buy from Bud's because they were not providing me the information I needed to help me decide if I wanted to buy it.

He said he was fine not selling to me.

I wonder if it starts with an "A"......if its a totally made in USA gun. I saw some pics of a Glock with a "USA" slide that had AAAA as the first four letters of the serial number

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