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Originally Posted by RPVG View Post
Yeah, that's what I thought. Mine has an SF serial number but no "SF" markings. It appears to be a G30 (not SF) based on the size of the backstrap and the lack of markings. Guess the serial number database has an error.
Unless your exact serial number is in the database and incorrectly lists your gun as SF, it's not an error. From doing a little looking, it seems like there are several instances of different models having the same serial number prefix. The only common thing I've found is that the slides are the same/similar in the serial prefixes that I've looked at. For instance, my 17L's serial prefix is also shared with two 24's that I've seen. Since the 30 SF and 30 non-SF share the same slide, it could very well be following that same pattern.

I've not done enough comparisons to definitively say that this is how they do their production runs, but it does make some sense.
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