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Question for Molly,

If you were wrong and evolution were true would you want to know or would you be happy to go on believing something that's wrong?

In other words, do you really want to know the truth? Are you even willing to accept that you could have been wrong all this time?

Because (and I honestly mean no offense with this) at some point this becomes a matter of pure intellect. Either you can understand it or you can't. And it doesn't even preclude the possibility of your god. Even as an atheist I leave a little bit of room for god. I personally think that a designer that could design these biochemical machines to adapt and improve upon themselves from but a single self replicating molecule would be much more impressive than one that simply put everything together from scratch. We can't even do that (yet) but we can sit down at the drawing board and produce purpose designed machines. Even our own computers are close to outpacing our own brains but we don't really get impressed with that until we imagine the computers that can design, build and improve upon themselves. THAT is a power so great that it terrifies the people that can follow it to it's logical conclusion and is just the type of power that one would expect to find at the disposal of a supreme being.

THAT is so much more impressive a feat of design and engineering that you'd almost have to expect an all powerful being to take that route with his designs. To create the entire bio-system as a whole in a manner that it adapts and changes itself to fit the environment perfectly regardless of stresses (in spite of stresses actually) or cataclysmic events is just the way to do it. If one is able.

Sometimes I wonder if you might be even more impressed with your god if you could wrap your head around this evolution thing. I know many believers who are. It paints a big picture that's so much more spectacular than anything you think happened.

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