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Originally Posted by dwhite53 View Post

I've run it on some low end machines with good results.

Works well in a virtual machine using Oracle VirtualBox though there is a little lag.

I do VirtualBox to avoid dual booting. If Xubuntu is going to be your primary OS you can install it then re-install XP as a virtual machine.

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XFCE used to be a good, lightweight desktop alternative. Those days are long, long gone. Now, it's almost as bloated as Gnome/KDE. I remember when XFCE was really fast, now... I don't even give it a recommendation anymore it's so bad.

Originally Posted by GioaJack View Post
The fire is no longer my major concern since I am leaving immediately on an unexpected road trip to Indianapolis. Watch the national news over the next couple of days, I'll wave... well, only if I'm cuffed in the front.
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