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My AR normally has an Eotech 512 mounted on a quick detach mount. When time for thinning the hog population, I've got an vintage Redfield lo-pro Wideview 3-9 sitting in a quick detach mount on my AR. For about $150 you get a made in Denver scope with great glass and the wideview feature.

Running hogs and 'yotes stay in view due to the super-wide field of view offererd by the scope. I also like how the lo-pro keeps my AR system compact.

Low light shooting? I've got a vintage Kahles Super 6S2 that came on a Remington 700 ADL in .243. The Remmy action is being turned into a long range shooter. That 6x Kahles with it's 26mm tube is almost like having night vision. If I had the cash, it would go great on a suppressed .300 Whisper for a SERIOUS hog rig.

I love the vintage stuff. I just picked up a new-in-the-box vintage Kahles 3-9x42 scope. I have no use for it now, but it will be great trade material for future long range glass.

Don't discount the quality older stuff.
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