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Originally Posted by David_Ely View Post
I'm a blessed man and my wife bought me the 50th Anniversary James Bond Omega watch for a Hanukkah/anniversary/birthday present for the next four years so I went in search of a Walther PPK to go with it.
I'm picking up an Interarms Walther PPK/S in 32ACP on Monday. For me it will be just a fun gun that I will carry occasionally. The 32ACP is an 8+1 gun so capacity isn't too bad and as for the slide safety/decocker, I just load the gun. Put it on safe to decock it. Then take the safety off and carry it like that. No need for a slide safety with a double action trigger. Have you ever seen a safety on a revolver?
Well, every guy here is drooling, but I would have held out for a Rolex DateJust or the Submariner if one is gaudy...

Where did you find the Interarms?
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