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Originally Posted by LampShadeActual View Post
Obviously not there, obviously no first hand knowledge.

If you tell me a Glock left Gaston's place with so little engagement of the trigger bar and firing pin tang, it tingles my BS meter.

If the drop safety shelf doesn't keep the trigger bar from dropping off the tang, you double my BS meter tingle.

Now you add in that since #1 and #2 failed and the striker was released. AND the gun fired because #3 the firing pin safety spring was bent and not functioning the firing pin safety designed to prevent precise that exact such accidental firing.

On calm reflection, not giving a rats shinny axx either way, you have just asked me to believe too many items in a chain. To believe that story runs counter to the usual wisdom that the simplest answer is almost always the true one. All three mechanical systems were misfitted or failed or damaged in assembly at the factory???

I think not. I don't know what did happen, but I think that the chain of #1, #2, #3 did not happen.
Most any safety engineer or safety manager at a large company will tell you that it is almost always a series of failures that leads to an incident.

The heavy metal object was tilted on it's side and not secured. The guy walking by bumped into it. Heavy metal object falls onto guy's foot. Guy is not wearing safety shoes and gets toes crushed.

Break any link in the chain of failures and the accident doesn't happen. Also known as the swiss cheese model.
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