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Originally Posted by Dan_ntx View Post
I was tending bar and closing for the night when I had an extremely drunk man walk in... I told him "sorry buddy we are closed" and he smiled, waved, and walked out the front door.

As soon as I spun the deadbolt I heard him assault my exterior trash can...through the peep hole I watched him slowly formulate a plan...then start to attack the front door. It's a big, thick solid wood door, so I wasn't concerned...but he kept at it for a minute or so before taking a break. I yelled at him through the door that I had called the police and he should leave, but that seemed to stir him up. He really went after the door at that point.

I hit the panic button and got my G17 from the office and physically wedged the door shut while that lunatic screamed he was going to kill me and almost got through the door before the Dallas police got me out of the grease.

Dude went to jail, new door had to be installed, my G17 never cleared leather again.
Invest in a tazer (not sure if your state allows them) or a snap out baton. Better and less expensive than bullets
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