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Originally Posted by cglaspel
I had a conversation today with one of my buddies that had worked at the store I purchased from, He said that a lot of the times, if they get a pistol on trade that is basically brand new looking and has everything as new, they will sell it as new. Not used.
Why would a gun shop even consider selling a used gun as new!? The serial number of the gun is written on the original handgun permit at point of sale. That handgun serial number is traceable back to the original permit. If there is ever a safety issue with that handgun and the serial number is traced back to reveal that a used gun was sold as new, the gun shop who sold it as new would be liable for any damages/deaths caused by that handgun. The liability assumed far outweighs the few extra dollars earned by selling a used gun as new. I guess "Stupid is as stupid does".
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