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Originally Posted by cglaspel View Post
I had a conversation today with one of my buddies that had worked at the store I purchased from, He said that a lot of the times, if they get a pistol on trade that is basically brand new looking and has everything as new, they will sell it as new. Not used.

They also said that depending on who checks the pistols in and logs them, that they will take them apart and clean all the copper lube etc out of them ahead of time. He made it sound like it was a personal choice of that particular employee that did this.

As far as tinkering with them, he said he had never seen anyone do that, but it wouldn't be a surprise to him if that were the case.....

So I at this point am wondering if they sold me a "NEW" gun that wasnt quite new, or somehow got put with the NEW pistols instead of the used pistols. This G23 definitely looked Brand New In Box to me. It was definitely sold to me as a Brand New Glock 23.
New is New, Used is Used. Good as New is USED. What a horrible thing to do.

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