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Originally Posted by .38 super View Post
I'm sure LampShadeActual meant "for use in guns" when he said " it's not a lubricant "...
Right, that's why I said I don't use it as a "gun" lube.
When the Glock copper XXXX wears off that's it.

But in itself it is a lube, on Mercedes & other cars that
use small brake shoes on the inside of the rear brake
rotors for the E brake we use the copper lube on the backing
plate friction points as it stays put and won't wash out.
In this application pressure in minimal so it is a lube &
not an anti sieze. It's also good on front caliper sliding bolts.

But enough off topic, suffice to say the Glock copper
substance must have enough lubricative properties
as most shooters take their guns out of the box &
shoot then with only that on the friction points.
Otherwise they wouldn't use it for the last 20 years.
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