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Originally Posted by cglaspel View Post
To be completely honest, now that I think about it the trigger pull on the pistol did seem a good amount lighter than my gen 3 and gen 2 glocks, but seeing as how I have never bought a new glock until this one, let alone a gen 4 I chalked it up to me being unfamiliar with it. It was not to the point that it seemed something was actually wrong though. Just reminded me of a light almost 4.5lb trigger pull or so.
I recently purchased a Gen4 G26 and I'm measuring its trigger pull at 4.5lbs. I thought that was odd, as I've seen people say the Gen4 trigger was heavier than Gen3s. I've watched videos of Gen3s measured between 5.5 and 6.5. And, Glock's current spec is 5.5lbs. I thought maybe I just got lucky with mine.
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