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Originally Posted by clarkz71 View Post
We're on the same page, I don't use it as a lube.

I was just correcting "LampShadeActual" saying it was NOT a lube.
I, like Glock would only use it for long term storage
which will not happen on my 23 because it's my EDC/CC
In some terms "lampShadeActual" is right... I cannot speak for anybody, but in gun terms, it is not a lubricant even it has some lubricating properties... See, when we use it in threads, the movement of the parts is slow and under significant pressure, with extremely tight tolerances. The coper itself works as a lubricant, the actual lubricant in this stuff plays only a role of medium for the coper content, if I can express it that way... In guns we have impact like movements, fairly lose tolerances and the coper content basically does not lubricate anything, because there is no tight enough surfaces that will squish it and take advantage of it's lubricating properties... I don't want to go there, but for lubrication it will work better if you "lube" your bore with it and than shoot some rounds, the coper will cover the bore the same way some dry lube will do it... Can you use it for this purpose ? Yes. Should you? No, there are much better products if you are looking for covering your bore with something that will decrease friction... It was just an example, where the anti-seize compound will probably be used...
I'm sure LampShadeActual meant "for use in guns" when he said " it's not a lubricant "...
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