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Originally Posted by WinterWizard View Post
I would suspect a holster problem. I just see no way the gun could discharge on its own short of pulling the trigger, which the holster could have done somehow. The Blackhawk serpa holsters don't have a good track record. They've even been banned in some circles for various reasons, all safety related. I don't like them. And they are a poor conceal-carry holster. Much better options out there. I know some will disagree, but the number of negligent discharges caused directly or indirectly as a result of these holsters is undeniable.
All of the serpa issues I have seen were a user issue and not the holster. The part that engages the retention is below (well below) the trigger guard and only catches the front of the trigger guard not anywhere near the trigger.

I am not sure what caused this even through I would agree to look at everything but both items have fail safes to prevent this from happening. Unload the weapon and do everything you can holstering/unholstering to get a dry fire. You might also put it in the holster and slam it on the table a few times and check to see if the hammer drops.
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