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Originally Posted by .38 super View Post
You are both - right and not. You're right, because in your work you use this on threads. It does work like lubricant and also prevents seizures. I had a body shop in Europe and went trough bunch of the same product - this is a great company...

In guns however, such "lubricant" is used primarily when they are stored for unknown period of time.
It is heavier and harder "lubricant" for gun use, there is nothing wrong to stay in your Glock but most people will simply go with the general rule to disassemble their new gun, to clean and inspect it and to lube it with lubricant of choice.
With or without it, gun with hard treatment as Tenifer or melonite will operate most likely without any lubricant or with whatever they decide to put in it, I've seen Glock lubed with heavy silicon based Astroglide... It feel just as you lubed it with Enos's red grease, only after shooting is terribly dirty...
We're on the same page, I don't use it as a lube.

I was just correcting "LampShadeActual" saying it was NOT a lube.
I, like Glock would only use it for long term storage
which will not happen on my 23 because it's my EDC/CCW
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