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Originally Posted by Turtle Dude View Post
almost thirty years ago I sent a 70 series to Bill wilson to be modified to mimic the gun Robbie Leatham was using to win IPSC world championships. Since I was a pin shooter first, and an IPSC shooter second I had it made in 45. I won tons of pin shoots with it and after 90,000 or so rounds its still shooting well though I don't shoot it much anymore since the pin league at the range where I shot was ended several years ago.

I think the total cost was around 1500 dollars. I have seen several current ones and that same range has several Ed Browns and Nighthawks

really nice guns but I don't know if they are worth 1000-2000 more than say the top of the line Kimber I have or the two top of the line Rock River Arms I bought several years ago (a pair for 4K)

I also have two of Les Baer's first run of Premier IIs. also great guns for the money.
Cool story. Post a pic of your gun. As for the Kimber and Rock River, those two are a long ways apart in quality. My Rock River is on par with alot of semi-customs. They made a damn fine 1911.
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