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Originally Posted by Made in Austria View Post
I was thinking about making a video about this several times. All I need to do is to chop one of my spare slide back plates in half so that I can gain access to the firing pin/striker lug and the rear/sear of the trigger bar so that I can push down the the rear end of the trigger bar with an small flat headed screw driver which would release the striker.

The problem with simulating this is the firing pin safety block. It might fire with an ~ 65-70% pre-set striker, if I completely remove the safety block. But it might not, even if the safety block and its spring is incorretly installed.

I would not suggest anyone doing this with a hot round though because it could end bloody when it fires and the slide comes back at your fingers and your screw driver. It can end even deadly if the gun slips out of your hand while you manipulate it. Eventough it's not hard stop the slide from coming back with just your thumb pressure while firing. But the slide is hard to stop ones it started moving.

One can 100% simulate a hot round with an empty shell casing, no gun powder and no projetile in it, just the primer, or you use a blank round.


If someone wants to send me a gun to be mangled, I'll gladly pop in a dummy round and put the gun thru every type of trauma imaginable. Drop tests, throw it across the room, drop from a moving car, totally kick the crap out of it.... So who wants to give one up for the sake of science...???
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