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Originally Posted by clarkz71 View Post
How so?

That goes for any firearm, not just Glock

ALL 1911's have a grip safty. The military told Browning to add them to the gun along with a thumb safty. That is from day 1

The first 45 had neither, a 1905 model.

The top pic is a 1905, bottom 1911
The 1911 in the pic was produced in 1910.

General Glocking

General Glocking
I was talking about the 80 series vs the 70 series. I think Glocks are inherently dangerous because if something hits that little safety , the trigger moves easily. If they had the grip safety too I don't think the Glocks would be as prone to accidental discharge.

To me the best aiming gun is a five inch 1911. When I instruct people with Glocks for the first time I leave the chamber empty for the first draws. They always seem to shoot while drawing.
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