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Originally Posted by cglaspel View Post
Hey again guys!

OK so due to the amount of questions and responses it is hard for me to respond to them all, so I apologize if I miss some of them! Also I have been at work all day so no way to post until now.

Anyways, SO took it to a SECOND Glock Armorer today, and thank goodness I did, I now have an answer,

#1- Firing pin block spring was bent, not straight like it should have been!!!

#2 The "sear" is not engaging the lug on the firing pin assembly properly!!

He says that since both of these issues are there, that It is highly likely that the pistol fired from the "half cocked" position. Obviously I am now having him ship this to GLOCK to correct this issue immediately. This is pretty ridiculous that a brand new pistol had these MAJOR defects. I am sure Glock will make it right though.

I have fired the pistol before and never had an issue with it, so IDK how this had not fired while in the holster before....I am just extremely thankful it didnt hurt myself or anyone else!!

Very thankful to a fellow poster here that told me to specifically have my armorer look at these parts closely!!
Great info and thanks for posting it.

I assume that your pistol still has the original ribbed trigger with trigger bar in it. I'm only asking because a lot of folks like to have them changed out for the smooth trigger with trigger bar when they buy them and would probably still consider their pistol stock (as you said it was) because the original trigger was replaced with a Glock OEM part.
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