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Originally Posted by Landmonster View Post
Not to open a huge can of worms....

but ...
  1. What makes a Benelli a better choice for home-defense than either of these 2 guns?
  2. Is semi-auto really a more prudent choice than a pump-action shotgun for home-defense?
Just rip that lid clean off...

The Marine Corp certainly likes the Benelli M4 and so do I! The thing is magnificent.

The only potential problem with the pump action shotgun is short stroking under pressure. With training, it won't happen so there's no point in considering it. Except...

How many people actually train with their shotguns? Around here, short barrel and pistol grip shotguns are not even allowed on the trap/skeet range. They're also not allowed at many gun clubs. In fact, about the only place they are allowed is in the pits of my not-so-local action pistol range. Not everybody is going to be able to practice enough to be really competent and the pump action is just one more factor.

For a person to truly master a pump gun, it might take a thousand rounds or more. For a semi-auto, it won't take nearly as long. There just isn't as much muscle memory to build up. Most people want to fire a box or two and call it good. They stuff the shotgun under the bed and hope for the best. Let's face it, shooing 00 buck is not all that much fun and it gets pretty expensive. Sure, you can shoot Wally World target loads but that isn't the same thing.

Earlier in this thread I mentioned that I couldn't come up with a single scenario where I would use a shotgun for CQB inside a house. I haven't changed my opinion. So...

Sights? On a shotgun? Why?

First of all, any type of sight is useless unless the weapon is shouldered. Therefore any scenario where the gun is fired off the shoulder, sights don't even come into play. Second, if the weapon is shouldered properly, there is no need for a rear sight. Trying to align the front post in the nifty little ring is a waste of time. Your cheek is the rear sight and a simple bead up front is all that is required.

Maybe the V style rear (deer) sights are workable but those tacti-cool ghost rings are a PITA.

My latest 870 Tactical and my M4 both have ghost ring sights. I really wish they didn't. That type of sight is just too slow. My very old 870 Police has a simple bead up front and that's the sight arrangement I prefer. It's fast on target.

I can hit tactical sized targets at 50 yards with a simple bead sight and I don't believe in shooting a shotgun beyond that distance. If I want to reach out, I'll use a rifle.

I think folks tend to overthink the CQB thing. I'm not certain that a shotgun even applies inside a house, I don't think they can practice enough to stay proficient with any shotgun, much less a pump gun, and I don't see any advantage to ghost ring sights.

I shoot at least 100 times more pistol ammo than shotgun. I have both but for SD, I prefer the handgun.

But I'm in the minority...

"No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up." - Lily Tomlin

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