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Originally Posted by Alter-Ego View Post
Thats my whole point, are the typical glock owners too dumb to own them or are glocks just unsafe??

Is it the brand, or the people who buy them?? Debateable forever I guess.

But its good to have these debates I'm sure someone will come away with extra sence of caution when handling/ playing with firearms. Props to the OP for bringing this issue up

Personally, I feel more comfortable tucking away my Kahr or EMP.
First I believe the reason you hear about so many AD/ND
with Glocks is there are so many out there. Very popular
gun with all the movies using them & of course LEO use.

Second, many of those that purchase them never get
any form of training on safe handling and basic shooting
skills. They buy them, go to the range and shoot 50
rounds and that's it. It's both the platform & non-shooters
that are the problem. The Glock itself is a safe gun.

Again your right that this topic has come up and discussing
it may help to get some people to go take a gun safty course.

Last, you and any other shooter needs to feel comfortable
with their carry gun 100% so in a high stress situation
you will have the best chance of coming out of it alive
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