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Originally Posted by DARKSHADOW View Post
costas and the msnbc goofball both "forgot to remember" what costas actually said.

Please review the above video's words, from costas himself, starting at 00:24, and on through to the 00:33 mark. here too.

It is clearly obvious to me what costas believes in his own heart and mind. He was in complete, full, and total agreement with what whitlock wrote in the article that costas himself felt so compelled to quote verbatim. costas agreed 100%, or he lied to NFL Monday Night viewers, or he is lying to Americans now. Plain and simple.

costas needs gone or I'm saying bye bye to all things NFL.

Today I have to write a letter to my hometown team's owner letting him know that if costas stays, no more ticket or promotional gear purchases from me. I hope others will do the same with their home team's ownership and front office.
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