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Thats my whole point, are the typical glock owners too dumb to own them or are glocks just unsafe??

When it comes to accidents Glocks are at the top of the list, 1911 models close second,,, maybe?

Go to other brand forums, Kahr, Berretta, Smith, ect...
You just don't hear of so many AD/ND stories.

Is it the brand, or the people who buy them?? Debateable forever I guess.

But its good to have these debates I'm sure someone will come away with extra sence of caution when handling/ playing with firearms. Props to the OP for bringing this issue up

Personally, I feel more comfortable tucking away my Kahr or EMP.

Originally Posted by clarkz71 View Post

I agree with you 100% on that. I read about that guy online.
Real dumb needless death.

And what about Plexico Burris, same deal.
Playing around, hand in the pocket of sweatpants
(no holster) and pop, jail, ruined career.
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