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Originally Posted by LampShadeActual View Post
My experience around police agencies is that while a lot of M27's get bought, far fewer are kept by the officers, and even fewer are fired much. Marginally manageable, but not really fun to shoot.

On the other hand, a lot of M26's get bought, they are kept by the officers, and get practiced with. Manageable recoil and easy enough to shoot for practice. Carry what you practice with.
Yep. I personally like the .40 in my civilian SD guns, but I don't use sub-compacts. It is a fine caliber, generally, provided the shooter has good fundamentals and is willing to work with it. For the casual shooter (for lack of a better term), a good 9mm is probably a better choice.

Our LGC has a large NRA pistol program and we put a lot of students through basic and personal protection courses. Consequently, we see a lot of different handguns, calibers and skill levels. One year I was coaching a shooter (Basic Pistol) who was using a G27 with factory ball. After single shots we switched to two controlled shots. His second one went into the ceiling. Fortunately, our ceiling is armored with steel plates.

Students using 9mm guns are a lot easier to teach. You can concentrate on fundamentals and not get recoil mixed into the equation. For defensive purposes, mindset and hits are the important elements. A slight increase in terminal ballistics specs won't make up for lack of the other two. Even for experienced shooters, there is nothing wrong with a good 9mm, as long as attention is paid to proper load selection.
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