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Originally Posted by Alter-Ego View Post
You guessed wrong, never had a problem myself, just seems like too many Glock owners are having accidents.

There was a story a few years ago when a guy was playing with his glock in the car while the wife was in the store. As he went to put it away after playing with it it went off into his leg and he died on the spot in front of his wife and kids.
It's always the same stories. "It just went off" "I swear I did not touch the trigger"
Thanks for clearing that up. I apologize for
making an assumption, I know better

I agree with you 100% on that. I read about that guy online.
Real dumb needless death.

And what about Plexico Burris, same deal.
Playing around, hand in the pocket of sweatpants
(no holster) and pop, jail, ruined career.
Real Men of Genius....Here's to you, Mister self proclaimed-genius-surrounded by idiots!
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