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Originally Posted by eaglefrq View Post
I didn't know you were supposed to leave the copper lube on as long as possible. I haven't looked at my owners manual in years.

I'm one of those guys that buys a gun and takes it to the range immediately and tries (not always successful) to put 500 rounds through it. Then I go home and thoroughly clean it.

My wife doesn't mind, she knows I'll be out of the house for a while, so I won't interrupt her craft time.
That's what Glock says, but I've read on the forums
many times that shooters bring the gun home, pull
the slide and clean & lube the gun including removing
the copper lube/anti sieze. Never heard of any issues
due to that.

I'm the same way, from the box to the range.

Same on the wife part too, anything to get me out
of the house so she can have some "alone time"
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