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It's all about the spin. There are enough nut jobs out there acting out iresponsibly without Bob citing this weak example. What Bob should have said, was that this is just one more case of a brain injured linebacker going over the line. But Bob didn't say that. He chose to try and deflect the blame to somewhere other than the game of football. I really think the concussion angle has more merit than the bad gun argument. I think it has more to do with the personality of the type of person that is attracted by the sport in the first place. Violence is a big part of football. And I recall hearing once that linebackers in particular were identified as having all the attributes to make the classic commando. Recruiters know this I was told. There are similarities at work here on some level in my opinion. Pretty hard to rationalize all the combat, violence and social angles . But I think that is what makes it so interesting and exciting. We are not much different than the romans in their day watching Gladiators do battle.
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