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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Alright, so I'm in my Ranger, the seats were pretty cool I guess, and this ijit decides to trump me on the drive thru's vehicle juxtaposition. (hey MasterShake, that means the vehicles' positions, relative to one another, and that he cut in front of me. )

So I tell the drive thru receptionist, utilizing that horn looking speaker thing on the menu's signage, "Hey Ma'am, are you there?"

To which she replied, "Yes sir, I'm here, I don't go any-^&#$!%@-where till 6 PM tonight."

To which I replied, "Awh, that sucks, you work too hard for the money, but listen, please don't give that guy in the blue four door my order as he just cut in front of me. The first vehicle back from him, I mean the Ford Ranger pick up, is the vehicle that order the 20 piece spicy. Aight?"

To which she replied, " You mean he trumped you relative to all the vehicles in my drive thru's juxtapositional arrangement?!?!?"

To which I replied, "Yes Ma'am," all the while being careful to NOT be a grammar nazi with someone who is about to prepare 20 pieces of food stuffs that I'll be putting into my mouth over the next two days or so.

To which she replied, "Okay baby, I got this, and I'm gonna keep it real."

Seriously, the next thing I know, the front seat passenger decides to get out of the vehicle that cut me off, and start waving his hands up in the air with a much macho as he could muster. I could have cared less, and was wondering if I was going to get 20 pieces of some fresh cooked chicken, or get another vehicle's order by mistake.

However, when he started trying to stare me down I noticed him. he then lifted his shirt and I saw the unmistakable handle of a either a .38 or .357 revolver sticking out of his waistband.

I cleared leather and was watching the handle of the revolver as well as his hands as best I could with peripheral vision. He then pointed both his (empty) hands at me and we stared at each other in the eyes for a bit (think 5 seconds). My right hand on my pistol, my left hand already lifting the lever of the door, we both sat there, otherwise motionless.

He got back into the vehicle and within seconds it drove away. It was over as fast as it started.
Whoa, almost getting into a shooting over fried chicken! What's next hand grenades for a piece of watermelon.
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