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Many years ago I was installing/maintaining business telephone systems and the company got the contract to replace the system in a bank in a small/medium sized town. They wanted the system changed out over night and specified the tech had to be armed, so the company gun nut got the job.

I tried to get everything I would need before the bank closed but there is always a what-not you didn't expect or didn't get enough. I was parked in back in the rather wide alley, given a key to the back door and told to never block it open or let it close on the closer, to push it closed and then use the key to get back in and pull it shut behind me.

Well the third time out just as I got out the door I hear "Just leave it open" come from the dark alley and saw 2 shadows. I was shooting IPSC real heavy and it was like the timer went off, I was in the light from the door and started my draw as I back kicked the door closed, I already had my Mag light in my left hand, ducked down and went to the front tire of the truck, turned the light on over the hood with gun hand on wrist of light hand and was aiming at a blank wall.

I went to my right side and scanned under the truck for feet, shined the light down the alley in front of the truck and saw nothing. So I crawled to the rear of the truck shinning the light under the truck the whole way, checked behind the truck and saw nothing so I went back in the bank and called 911.

There was no phone close to the back door and no windows, so I told dispatch to have the cops knock 3 time, pause then 2 times and when asked the password will be Rumpelstiltskin; which they did so I went out to talk to them and explain what happened. The sgt said to the 3 other guys "They shouldn't be too hard to spot; just look for 2 guys with a load of **** in their pants" and they took off to see if they could find anyone on the streets at 3:00 AM.

I talked with the sgt a bit and he asked where I came up with that password. I told him I was seeing a gal who was real into B&D and liked to yell "no, stop, don't etc" and that was our safe word...... It was the only thing I could think of at the time. He started off chuckling, then laughing and ended doubled over leaning on the hood of the truck laughing so hard he was crying and having trouble breathing.

They didn't find anyone.
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