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Originally Posted by GasTurbine View Post
Not when no description is warranted. He was associating a race with bad/unlawful conduct...thats racism.

You can defend obvious racism anyway you want, it still does not make it racism.

If I were white, I wouldnt either. This is about racism, stereotyping, and labeling.

I dont really care what you will tolerate or have clearly demonstrated what caliber of a person you are, and will not waste my time on hate and ignorance, nor go through life as a miserable antagonist.

Good luck in life.

I can understand that indicating he was a BLACK male is racist but in reality then isn't describing him as a black MALE sexist? Wouldn't it be better to describe the crime subject as a "human" or perhaps a "member of the species homo sapiens?" And in reality is that discriminatory to a specific species (which if I understood Latin might be redundant.) Would it be better to simply refer to the crime subject as a "mammal?"
I never talked to anyone who had to fire their gun who said "I wished I had the smaller gun and fewer rounds with me" Just because you find a hundred people who agree with you on the internet does not mean you're right.
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