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Originally Posted by Lonestar 48 View Post
I've never drawn my pistol, but I did draw my shotgun once. When I was 16, I worked in a grocery store. The manager told me to come in early on Saturday to help with some stocking. When we got into the store, around 6:30, he tells me to turn on the store lights; the switch was back in the produce section. There were those metal doors with the holes in them that you used to see around grocery stores. It was pretty dark back there, and just as I get to the doors, this ghost comes rushing out at me. Adrenaline kicked in and I pushed it back through the doors, turned around and headed for the front. I was trying to yell at the manager that a ghost was coming, but words weren't coming out, only weird sounds. I took a look back, and here comes the "ghost"; he was a guy with a pillow case on his head and he had a little revolver. The manager was already out the door when I got there.

Back in those days, the 70's, it was okay to keep your shotgun in the rack in your truck. Mine was there because we hunted a lot. I ran over, got the gun, put some shells in it, went back to the front door, and I swear, if the ghost had come out, I would have shot. The police got there and assured me I could put down the shotgun. The manager had to assure them that I wasn't the bad guy. They never did find the "ghost", but did find that we were missing a couple of thousand dollars.

The local newspaper ran a story about it and headlined it "Stockboy booed by a ghost". That was the only time i was ready to shoot at a human/ghost.
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