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Originally Posted by DEADEYEGUY View Post
After buying one new Glock G19 almost a year ago and Glock sending me 3 different replacement guns, after market parts, and so on I sold my G19 GEN4. I really like the platform and have ons of parts for it. I also got my hands on an APEX extractor in case they were still bad.
So I bought a new G19 GEN4 (TXK...) cleaned it and took it to the range. Fired 125 rounds of Winchester NATO through it and 25 rounds of Federal HST. 4-6 BTF, 3-4 dribbled off my arm, 2 ejected left. Worst than my last replacement model. Called and spoke with Dan about the gun and previous problems.
He remembered me and said to send it in and just ask for a replacement. I asked him about thte new non-dipped extractors and he told me it was just an "internet rumor". Funny they have pictures of them on the internet. He said the problem was the extractors. Even though mine has all the latest and greatest parts. Anyways I spoke with one of the guys at APEX about just putting in their replacement parts with the faulty gun. He said he would go with a replacement.
From my on experience their are different levels of problems. Two of the guns I got would not work right out of the box. One went for 800 rounds. The last for 2000 rounds. Obviously some of the MIM extractors are bad from the get go. Others hold up for a few hundred or thousand rounds. I asked him why all the problems. He said the guns tolerences varied so much it caused problems sometimes. I'll let you know how it goes.
This is what gets me! There are only two possibilities here, 1. Glock is making a non-dipped new style extractor, working to fix the problem, and for some reason nobody at the factory really knows about it.
2. The parts houses are selling aftermarket extractors as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.
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