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Originally Posted by GasTurbine View Post
Not when no description is warranted. He was associating a race with bad/unlawful conduct...thats racism.

You can defend obvious racism anyway you want, it still does not make it racism.

Easily said in a forum where I guess the white population is 99.9%. Coward.

If I were white, I wouldnt either. This is about racism, stereotyping, and labeling.

I dont really care what you will tolerate or have clearly demonstrated what caliber of a person you are, and will not waste my time on hate and ignorance, nor go through life as a miserable antagonist.

Good luck in life.
So if I were to tell you true stories of of the times I have been scared for my life or the life of a loved one and related that every time the criminal was black then I'm racist?

I lived in a black neighborhood and went to school there for a few months. I was attacked for being white and threatend so many times. I had to use my dad's gun to scare away a black man who tried to climb through a window.

A black guy broke into my apartment while I was on deployment in the Navy and took a knife from my kitchen and was trying to get to my wife in the bedroom when the police showed up just in time.

A black man tried to carjack my wife. She managed to roll up her window on his arm and drive away. I wish I could have seen that, lol.

I was the only male in a car full of family and we needed gas and got off the interstate in an unfamiliar area. At the first stop sign, our car was surrounded by blacks that were angry that we were in their neighborhood and threatend to kill us. They threw rocks at the car before we drove away.

There are more stories like this that I could relate. When the day comes that the agressor in my story is white then I'll say so. Until then, the truth is that all of the criminals that made me fear for my life or the life of a loved one were black. While I don't see a black man and automatically assume that he's a thug, the fact is that while blacks may be a minority, in my contact with criminals over my lifetime they have certainly been in the majority. It is what it is, and no amount of PC glossing is going to change that.

Your outrage over telling the truth is exactly why the black community is never going to accept responsibility for the majority gun violence committed by a minority and do anything about it. Just this week in my local news there have been two separate shootings of black kids at a house party because someone was disrespected. Should we pretend that this doesn't happen? Why is it that I never read about this happening in white neighborhoods? It is what it is.

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