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Originally Posted by HEXE9 View Post
Have you been surfing GT for a while and decided to join yesterday or today so you could post this thread?

Or did you just stumble onto GT while looking for a place to vent?

Just curious.

Seems anymore these threads are started by folks who join the same day they post about how crappy their Glock is.

Nothing personal. It's just sometimes the circumstances can seem a little fishy.
It's possible that after the gun is purchased and fails to perform as expected, the buyer turns to the Internet, looking for information to resolve the problem. That trail leads through Google and straight to GlockTalk. So then the buyer creates a GT user ID and joins in the discussion, hoping to find a solution to the problem.

That doesn't seem so fishy now, does it? And it is exactly what happened to me. I didn't know GT existed until I began searching the web for information to resolve my BTF problem with a new USA G19 Gen4.

I keep reading these threads because I'm still hoping Glock will eventually acknowledge the problem and offer a permanent solution.
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