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Originally Posted by GasTurbine View Post
Not when no description is warranted. He was associating a race with bad/unlawful conduct...thats racism.

Well by that definition you are accusing police of being racist. Well done!

You can defend obvious racism anyway you want, it still does not make it racism.

It's not racism, it's a statement of fact. If you take it as racism then you have a very thin skin and a poor ability to see racism when it's happening.

Easily said in a forum where I guess the white population is 99.9%. Coward.

I'd say it your face too. Problem is you're in Ohio and I am in Kommiefornia, the bastion of liberal political correctness.

If I were white, I wouldnt either. This is about racism, stereotyping, and labeling.

Well by that measure asking a persons ethnicity on a job application is as well.

I dont really care what you will tolerate or have clearly demonstrated what caliber of a person you are, and will not waste my time on hate and ignorance, nor go through life as a miserable antagonist.

Good luck in life.
You have no clue as to the measure of my character. You have no idea the BS I have had to deal with over the years.

I have already been subject to two discrimination investigations while in the military, all because someone like you cried racism. I and my entire team were investigated... guess what, both cases we all were found innocent and the accusing party was charged.

The investigating officer was of Korean decent, the investigating Senior Chief Petty Officer was of Puerto Rican decent first generation American and the convening body was 65% non white ethnicity of officers and chief petty officers.

You have no grounds to make a character judgment of me.
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