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Originally Posted by GasTurbine View Post
And your defense of racism and your view of "intolerance" is the scourge of this once great nation.
BULL. You apparently don't know what racism is. Describing someone based on their ethnic definitions is not racism, it's describing. I can't give you an example of racism as I don't need the infraction. Pull your head out and get a clue bud. YOU and your kind are part of the problem. Trying to subdue people from FREE speech and using descriptors that are factual and used in a non threatening manner.

Hyphen American is BS and actually create many of the racial issues in our nation. NOT one black person that was born and raised in the United States can claim the are African! Ludicrous and preposterous. They were born Americans on American soil to American parent's. Sure they have an ancestral tie to Africa but that doesn't mean they are Africans.

Ignorant political correctness is out of hand and I am standing up against it. You will not shame people for speaking their truth when they have done nothing but speak their truth and not cause harm to someone else. I am sick of people like you trying to force your guilt on me.

I am not guilty and will not feel shame for being white. And I will not tolerate you or anyone else imposing such guilt upon myself or any other AMERICAN.
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