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M&P Shield

I've had my Shield in 9mm for several months, now. It is hard to get, even though S&W had a large number completed before the release. This is a great little off-duty or back-up gun. I carry it in both capacities. In the summer, it conceals very well IWB and in baggy shorts pockets. You can't do that easily with a G26.

I agree with what others have said about Gaston missing the boat on the single stack concealable pistols. S*W may have gotten in late, but the demand for their Shied is quite high. I have a number of Officers who can not find the, even on LE deals.

Further, I've been a Glock guy since the early 90's, having carried 1911's, S&W Gen 3 .45's and .357 revolvers from the time I entered LE in 1977. However, based on the ergonomics, I have replaced all caliber of Glocks, except 9mm, with S&W M&P's. Those pistols are in .40 and .45, except the Shield. I'll never get rid of my G19's.
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