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Originally Posted by PAGunner View Post
Screw sending it in, just get an Apex extractor and be done with it.
it's not as easy as that:

1. the apex extractor for gen4 is currently sold out (and is sold out more oftent than not)

2. you can not just buy the apex extractor, you need to buy part number: SP01176 as well.

3. not everyone wants aftermarket parts in their gun

This adds additional cost. Not to mention you have to pay shipping on all these parts as well. By the time its all said and done, you are probably an additional 100 bucks into the gun. If you can get glock to pay for shipping, then why not at least try that as your first option. Besides then they will at least know about the problem and if they refuse to fix the problem I'd annoy the hell out of them until they do.
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