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Originally Posted by JLB768 View Post
I've been carrying about 15 years now, and never had to even think about drawing, or showing my weapon. I pretty much avoid puting myself in situations that up the odds of doing so...I very rarely go to ATM's after dark, I avoid rougher areas, and I let traffic incidents slide due to road ragers. While I like where I live, it's unfortunately a very liberal county. I don't want to go up against a liberal prosecutor, judge, or jury, because they would more than likely find that Mr Badguy was really a good person who made a few mistakes, and I was just a gun loving animal who wanted to scare/shoot someone. Not to mention, good or bad shoot, it's gonna be expensive for me.
This post reflects excellent judgement.

I carried for many years, and more than once, immaturity got the best of me.

However, the reality check of being grown with a family and responsibilities have altered my perception.

It's painlfully easy to avoid trouble if you possess and prioritize SITUATIONAL AWARENESS!
Your gun is a tool - hopefully your brain is your weapon - use to see trouble BEFORE it happens and avoid it.

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