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Originally Posted by Indianashooter View Post
Several times during my security career. Once when 3 people came at me with crowbars. My 92 FS persuaded them to turn around and go the other way; another time while breaking up a fight, a gentleman comes at me with a two by four. Again, my 92 FS came out and after a few choice words, the two by four was dropped.
One other time heading home from work and two blocks away from my place. I was slowing down for a stop sign when a obviously drunk young man wandered over to my car asking for help(at 3:45 am). I pulled out my (the 92 had been retired) HK USP 40 and held it on the passenger seat. Long story short, someone stole his car at a party around the corner and he wanted me to call the police! After he moved back to the sidewalk (the HK might have helped him move), I stepped out of the car and waited with him until the police showed up.
And that makes you all the better for waiting with him. Good for you! I always wanted a 92FS!! SO jealous
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