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Originally Posted by Beretta92guy View Post
about four years ago i did......

woke up at 3 am one sunday morning to hear a loud banging on my back door.....

went to investigate and some guy was trying to beat down my door......i have those "french style" back doors with the glass in the center of the door.......i screamed repeatedly for the guy to get the hell off my property....

i keep two cinder blocks next to my outside door to put in the back of my truck in the winter, this crack-head picked one of them up and was about to smash it through my door......I flung open the door and stuck my Sig 226 in his face......he dropped the block and ran down the street.......

called the cops and they arrested him running down my street....he was high on something......

that is the one and only time i have ever pointed my gun at another human is not something i ever want to do again!!!
People always take it lightly that when you carry or have a firearm for home protection that you have the ability to take another humans life. That's some MAJOR responsibility!!
Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity
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