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Originally Posted by bucksnort1959 View Post
stopped for speeding. had one beer right after work. Cop claimed I was drunk. Blood came back .012
Falsely arrested without probable cause, illegal search of my vehicle, confiscation and denial of my 2nd amendment rights.
Best of luck with that but from here speeding easily justifies the stop and the blood suggests that you had been drinking but were not above the presumed legal limit. My guess is that this might be an uphill case. I would be curious as to the view of the attorney and, perhaps, even more curious as to whether he is charging or is doing teh case based on a contingency arrangement.

Originally Posted by bucksnort1959 View Post
I have professionals that are working in my best interests in this matter.
I've in the past been part of an Internal Investigation of 3 cops that resulted in some very black marks against them
What kind of "black marks?"
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