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Falsely arrested without probable cause, illegal search of my vehicle, confiscation and denial of my 2nd amendment rights.
The probable cause standard is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. If the officer reasonably believed that you were impaired and conducted the arrest in good faith, it wasn't a "false" or "illegal" arrest. An officer can search your vehicle incident to that arrest. So it's not an illegal search either. As far as the 2nd Amendment issue, I'm not sure about your firearm laws, but in my state we have a charge for possession of a firearm while intoxicated. So I assume that if you were arrested for DUI it would be somewhere in that arena.

Even if you were exonerated from the charges and/or they were dismissed, it doesn't show at all that there was a constitutional violation. In layman's terms you would have to show that the officer(s) involved acted with recklessness/malice involving the arrest. Every situation is very fact based, but I can tell you that the standard to prove this claim is VERY high. I would be very glad to read the court's opinion involving this arrest and any legal actions you take. I have access to Westlaw & Lexis so I can pull unpublished opinions if you care to provide case name or parties to the case.

2 days later they setup experimental no cause check points with money they got from the Feds. These are illegal in my state
"Experimental no cause" checkpoints? Feel free to provide a source to that claim as well (i.e. news story, court opinion).
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