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Originally Posted by maximus1079 View Post
Awesome that you have great reflexes, but do you have any family in the house? You have to be SO careful about that. I had a similar situation about 3 months ago. Heard a loud bang downstairs in my apt and jumped up (Sig P220) in hand and ran downstairs adrenaline pumping. Without even realizing, I had reached over and felt to see if my wife was still in bed before I went down there like a house of fury....fortunately my daughter is 2 and still in a crib in the next room. Always know the whereabouts of any house guests/family members before you start waving ol' hot iron around

SO very true. There was no one there but me that evening. I was lying on my back, in bed, hands up behind my head fingers interlaced. My Goverment Model 1911 was laying on my left side on the floor. When that loud bang sounded I fliped over, snatched up the 1911, rolled back, sat upright and swept off the thumb safety all in one fluid movement. I don't remember doing any of that. Just the SNICK of that safety coming off and seeing the sight squarely in the middle of the hallway door! I fully thought someone had jerked the door open and was in the midst of leaping into my hallway when I came to the realization there was no one there, and the storm door was still closed. The sound was identical with popping that door release. BAAAANG! You always had to give it a hard rap to get it to realease. I had to fight myself to ease up on the trigger. My finger was taking up the slack and there wasn't much slack there to start with.
My heart was beating like a trip hammer. I was sucking air like the guy in the horse suit from the pizza commercial. I swept the safety back on and sank back on the pillow.

The first time I ever suspected someone in the house, it sounded like someone was walking around in the front of my mobile home. I thought it was my wife up and I reached beside me to find her sleeping. WHAT WAS THAT WALKING SOUND? Then to my terror, the footsteps came closer and closer. Someone is coming down my hall and I have a sleeping woman to protect with nothing but my bare hands! (No gun at that time) Turns out it was my neighbor walking his dog in the dirt lane beside my home. He was returning back from an early morning walk, his inital footfalls were the ones that first awakened me. His returning along the same lane was what sounded like steps in my hallway. Talk about your icy sweats.....The terror was unimaginable for those few minutes.

Shortly after, I purchased a pistol. I have slept with one from that day forward. I never want to feel that helpless ever again!

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