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Glock 23 Gen 4 Accidental Discharge??!!

Had an extremely dangerous and scary experience today.. I cant even describe how upset I am over this. Do not know how to completely explain how this just happened but here goes.

I came home from my daily errands today. I have my CCW and carry on a daily basis. Well after I walk into the house and put groceries etc down, I take my NEW G23 gen 4 in the holster off of my belt, and set it down on my kitchen I sent it down THE PISTOL FIRES!! Right into my living room wall!!! I truly do not know how it was even able to?! MY finger was no where near the trigger...It was in a Serpa Holster so I was totally unable to pull the trigger even if I wanted too!! I did not throw the $@%$ pistol down hard onto the table or anything....I literally set it down like I always do... Thank God the GF wasnt home, the bullet did not go through the outer wall of my home, and myself nor neighbors were injured or worse....

I am just completely in shock over this..I have never in my life had this happen, I wouldnt think it was remotely possible... especially with a Glock(and I have owned many glocks as well as other pistols over the past 10 years now with no AD/ND or anything ever) I have since put the now unloaded pistol in its case and I am going to be calling Glock tomorrow morning....

Does anyone know how this is possible?! Or have they had this happen before?! I truly am just shocked and amazed over this. I checked the Glocks function and it seemed normal, the ejected casing had a normal firing pin strike on the primer (obviously since the pistol fired, but I wanted to make sure the round somehow didnt fire of its own accord)

I just truly do not trust this weapon at all now and am just very upset and didnt know where else to put this.

UPDATE 12/12/2012
Ok, talked to a Glock rep today. Glock replaced multiple parts. They informed me that it looked as if their was a trigger job done to it at some point in time. No other info from them on the issue though. I definitely did not do it is for sure used. They said I should have my pistol back in 2 days though! So that is a plus.

So at this point in time I think I need to begin dealing with Fin Feather Fur in Ashland about selling me a used weapon as new.

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