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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Sounds interesting. Could you share the details with us?

stopped for speeding. had one beer right after work. Cop claimed I was drunk. Blood came back .012
Falsely arrested without probable cause, illegal search of my vehicle, confiscation and denial of my 2nd amendment rights.
Cop was so hyped that I had a loaded gun next to me he never made it back to his cruiser to even check my license. The dash board cam shows a confused, insecure cop back pedaling from my truck, stopping at the back and coming back. The video is hilarious and will hang him and his sidekick that showed up.
The verbal on the vid as they illegally went through my truck is even funnier. I smoke cigars and the one cop commented to the other it' smells like weed in here. the gung ho cop is recorded telling his sidekick how he was going to justify stealing my gun.
I love that cops have vid rolling to show how inept they are. I now have my own dashboard cam to record these clowns.
2 days later they setup experimental no cause check points with money they got from the Feds. These are illegal in my state.
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