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Originally Posted by RyanBDawg View Post
I emailed the NFL to inform them that as long as Bob Costas is calling NFL games, I won't be watching them..

Non much, but if a few million people do the same, they will take notice.

Here is a link if any of you feel inclined to do the same..
Due to the backlash they are already feeling, I think the nfl, costas, and idiot writer are going to start blaming it all on head trauma. If so, then beware jim mcmahon all.

Dear NFL,

Please receive this as my farewell to watching any and all NFL games if bob costas remains as a commentator.

His recent mental breakdown related to what he chose to read about guns in America has forced me to choose to do without NFL Football if he remains a part commentator staff with your organization and or any NFL networks' staff.

I am also choosing NOT to further patronize any business or product that buys airtime (i.e., supports) and or commercial spots during NFL games as long as bob costas remains a part of the broadcasts.

Thank you for your time and past presentations, but anti-American rhetoric is not something I will oblige from the NFL.


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