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Back in '88, the Mrs. and I lived in a " not so good " neighborhood in Annapolis when we 1st got married. We'd live there about 3 months when we discovered the neighbor was dealing out of his apartment 2 doors down - different cars - all hours. Well, voices got loud at about 2am one morning - I called the cops. The dude in the apartment confronted me the next morning asking if I called them. I told him, "You're Damn right I did!" We got into words and the wife was watching through the screen door. Well, we started to get loud. She and I both see him reach into his pocket. I step back and MY screen door pops open! THE WIFE levels my Rem 870 w/ the pistol grip and folding stock out the font door saying, "Hold on there! Cops are on their way!" I think I had Brenneke 12 gauge slugs in it at the time. I honestly thought she was going to drill him because she had her finger on the trigger!

Well, she had already called the cops and they pullled in seconds after that. He started screaming hysterically, "She's got a shotgun! A sawed-off ****'ing shotgun!" Well, the cops already knew this dude and called him by his 1st name.

The end of the story is that, after that day, I never saw him again till 3 years later. We were summoned to a court hearing. (because of our prior involvement) He had pulled a knife on an under-cover officer in a bar and we were there to offer character testimony for the prosecution.

We moved to Pennsylvania shortly after that, never to return.

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