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Patrol works 4 on 4 off. We have 4 districts and each district has 10 patrol teams. Even numbered teams work on the same days while odd numbered teams work together. Each team has a sergeant and anywhere from 8-12 constables depending on the district (at full strength if no one has taken time off or is on a course etc)

Teams 1 and 2 work straight days
A 430-1445 HRS 11 1/4 hrs

The rest of the teams work the following (same shift for the entire week and then move to the next shift time the following week:

B 0645-1745 11 hrs
C 1345-0045 11 hrs
D 1545-0345 12 hrs
E 1845-0545 11 hrs

We are usually back in the office 45 minutes before end of shift provided things aren't too busy.

We end up owing 32 hours a year which are made up by 4 team training days (8 hour shifts) throughout the year.

I like working as a team because you always work with the same people. We have our conflicts at times. Most teams have payroll deductions for a squad fund which pay for our own Christmas parties, summer BBQs, after shift gatherings, etc. Occasionally we challenge other teams (within and outside the district) and play soccer, indoor hockey, etc. Depending on call load we even organize our own team training on shift as well.
We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.

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