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Went back to UNC in 1993. I realized very quickly that the crack/gangsta thing was pretty heavy in my neighborhood.

My first week there, I decided to take my husky out for a long walk at night. I figured the dog to be a pretty good deterrent and Chapel Hill had a no-carry ordinance(now preempted); but right before leaving, I said "screw it" and stuck my G21 in my waistband(unchambered).

Shortly after commencing our walk, two guys walked up and started a conversation: nothing threatening, per se, but their tone raised suspicion.

Upon reaching my next turn I headed down through a field toward a creek and look back to see that the two guys had flagged down a car. I reached the creek(cover and concealment) and watched as four men headed my way. When they were about twenty yards away, I jacked a round(just like on tv).

"Gun", one says, and the four made tracks in the other direction.

Never had another problem with anyone.

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